Birthday Pennant Banner Tutorial - Sewing

I'm so excited now. After this tutorial you will have a finished banner ready for any party. I am also going to take it one step further and add the letters to say Happy Birthday in another tutorial.

I love it! 

32 flags from the first tutorial
sewing machine

 1. All my flags from the last tutorial. It helps me to lay
them out in the order I am going to sew them onto the
bias tape.

2. Match 2 flags up with wrong side together.

3. Sew down the right side and stop a little short of 
the point at the bottom.

4. With needle in the down position at the bottom point
turn fabric around so we can sew down the left side.
No need to cut the thread and start again.

5. Don't forget to lower the foot then sew down the
left side. I have forgot to put down the foot before. lol

There you have a flag that is the same on both sides
ready for the bias tape.

Do that for each one of the flags you want to add to your banner. You are welcome to make it longer but there is no need. 3 yards of bias tapes holds enough flags to get a good sized banner and even add the words Happy Birthday to later. Now on to adding the flags to the bias tape. 

1. Before you begin fold the end of the bias tape to the
inside to finish off the edges and keep it from fraying.
Then close it back together and sew it in place. 

2. Sew down the end you just folded and leave some 
space at the end so you can use that to hang it with.
Then open up the bias tape just enough to put the 
top edge of a flag in the fold. Then close the bias tape
back over and sew it in place. Make sure you catch
every layer with your stitches. You can pin these in
place if that makes it easier for you.

3. Now do it again for each flag you want to add. 
You can over lap the corners of your flags or leave
a space. Its all in what you like. To get 16 flags on the
bias tape I put the flags right next to each other.

4. When you get to the end fold that end up to the center
just like you did in the beginning. You have just finished
your pennant banner!!

Great job!!!

If you wanted to do that without sewing you could use a fabric glue or No Sew Iron On tape. In a future tutorial I will show you how to do it that way also. Ready for the party!!

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Alana Jo said...

Awesome tutorial!

Tiffany Bauer said...

Too cute!! I found you at DIY!!

Melanie said...

Thanks so much!