Birthday Pennant Banner Tutorial - Pattern Template

I have got all my fabric piled up and ready to go. I did run to the store and got another yard and a half of some marked down different black fabrics. My total so far for the pennant banner is $0.65. I still have to get some bias tape that is already folded to make it that much easier. I have made making the pennant banner so easy. It can be made by sewing a few straight lines or by using a fabric glue. I will be showing you both ways. Let's get started. :)

fabric - as many colors you want
pennant template
1. Print the template to the size you need.
I made the template by folding a full size
sheet of paper and cutting it out. Then
traced it onto this sheet to share. Cut
out the template and use it for your 

Pinking shears are your best friend in this tutorial.
They will cut (wink wink) down on the sewing we
will have to do later. Plus it will add to the look.

2. On the reverse side of the fabric trace your template
on with a pen. 

3. I cut out more than one at a time. Some times I 
cut out 3 at a time. Makes cutting go a little faster.

4. Now trim off the excess and you are left with 
your pennant for the banner. I've cut out  a lot of
extras. I'm going to make two banners and host
a giveaway with the other one. :) You will need to
cut 2 for each pennant.

Ready for the next step. I will start on that and 
take lots of pictures to share with you.

Check back soon for the next tutorial. These are going to be lots of fun and add so much to the party! I'm getting excited to see it now! Just let me know if you have any questions. :) I am happy to help.

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Alana Jo said...

This is going to be awesome!