Birthday Pennant Banner Tutorial - Sewing

I'm so excited now. After this tutorial you will have a finished banner ready for any party. I am also going to take it one step further and add the letters to say Happy Birthday in another tutorial.

I love it! 

32 flags from the first tutorial
sewing machine

 1. All my flags from the last tutorial. It helps me to lay
them out in the order I am going to sew them onto the
bias tape.

2. Match 2 flags up with wrong side together.

3. Sew down the right side and stop a little short of 
the point at the bottom.

4. With needle in the down position at the bottom point
turn fabric around so we can sew down the left side.
No need to cut the thread and start again.

5. Don't forget to lower the foot then sew down the
left side. I have forgot to put down the foot before. lol

There you have a flag that is the same on both sides
ready for the bias tape.

Do that for each one of the flags you want to add to your banner. You are welcome to make it longer but there is no need. 3 yards of bias tapes holds enough flags to get a good sized banner and even add the words Happy Birthday to later. Now on to adding the flags to the bias tape. 

1. Before you begin fold the end of the bias tape to the
inside to finish off the edges and keep it from fraying.
Then close it back together and sew it in place. 

2. Sew down the end you just folded and leave some 
space at the end so you can use that to hang it with.
Then open up the bias tape just enough to put the 
top edge of a flag in the fold. Then close the bias tape
back over and sew it in place. Make sure you catch
every layer with your stitches. You can pin these in
place if that makes it easier for you.

3. Now do it again for each flag you want to add. 
You can over lap the corners of your flags or leave
a space. Its all in what you like. To get 16 flags on the
bias tape I put the flags right next to each other.

4. When you get to the end fold that end up to the center
just like you did in the beginning. You have just finished
your pennant banner!!

Great job!!!

If you wanted to do that without sewing you could use a fabric glue or No Sew Iron On tape. In a future tutorial I will show you how to do it that way also. Ready for the party!!

The DIY Show Off

Birthday Pennant Banner Tutorial - Pattern Template

I have got all my fabric piled up and ready to go. I did run to the store and got another yard and a half of some marked down different black fabrics. My total so far for the pennant banner is $0.65. I still have to get some bias tape that is already folded to make it that much easier. I have made making the pennant banner so easy. It can be made by sewing a few straight lines or by using a fabric glue. I will be showing you both ways. Let's get started. :)

fabric - as many colors you want
pennant template
1. Print the template to the size you need.
I made the template by folding a full size
sheet of paper and cutting it out. Then
traced it onto this sheet to share. Cut
out the template and use it for your 

Pinking shears are your best friend in this tutorial.
They will cut (wink wink) down on the sewing we
will have to do later. Plus it will add to the look.

2. On the reverse side of the fabric trace your template
on with a pen. 

3. I cut out more than one at a time. Some times I 
cut out 3 at a time. Makes cutting go a little faster.

4. Now trim off the excess and you are left with 
your pennant for the banner. I've cut out  a lot of
extras. I'm going to make two banners and host
a giveaway with the other one. :) You will need to
cut 2 for each pennant.

Ready for the next step. I will start on that and 
take lots of pictures to share with you.

Check back soon for the next tutorial. These are going to be lots of fun and add so much to the party! I'm getting excited to see it now! Just let me know if you have any questions. :) I am happy to help.

Heather's Birthday Party Cookout

We love it when we get invited to a family's birthday party! We always have a blast. Heather's party was at a local park and they had a cook out! The birthday girl was 14. They grow up so fast!! I did happen to catch a smile from my nephew so it must have been a fun party.

Aint he a cutie!!!

 The birthday girl!!

Gotta love the little ones!!

A game of cornhole!

I shared this on I Heart Faces! Stop on over and check out all the great entries! I love those kids!!

Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday for Today's Find

In the search for more red party decorations I found these really really cute favor bag idea on!! There are a few more great ideas on there also. Stop on over and check them out!

So Cute!!!

These would be easy to make. They could be the hit of your next party. Maybe we could come up with a tutorial here!! I think I have some red bags some where here!! :)

Jungle Cupcake Stand and 3d Sock Monkey Set

I found a super cute idea on Facebook today that I just had to share!!!

A very cute sock monkey set made by Edible Details - where "Art Has Never Tasted So Sweet". My favs!!! I love sock monkey!!! They have great prices and cute themes. The best part is they can be shipped all over the US making it easy to create a show stopping cake or cupcake display!  Be sure to stop by and tell them I sent ya! Check out their website too.

It is displayed on Edible Details Facebook page. They have all kinds of wonderful cake and cupcake toppers! Stop on over and check everything out! The owner of the stand said her father made it and she painted it. Maybe we can come up with a tutorial. I love it. Just the kinda thing I like. Different and awesome!

Birthday Pennant Banner

I have been looking for a birthday pennant banner for my son's 16th birthday. The color red theme party. :) Most of what I found has been around $30! I am way to crafty to just buy one. If it had been around $10 I may have just paid for one. It would have saved me time and work. Sometimes its worth it because time is worth more. Because I couldn't find one for cheap I have decided to make one. My whole budget for the party decorations is around $100. Then I hope to spend around $100 for the food. So a total of $200 for a 16th birthday party! Is it possible??? I think so.

Here is an example of the banner I want to buy.....

They have a pattern!!

I have already went through Mom's scrap box and found some great pieces of fabric. I also found a discount fabric store in a near by town so I can pick up a few more!! I will also check the local department store's markdown bin.

Here is what I have found so far! Looking good!! 

A little more black and I'll have it!!!

I will post a tutorial and lots of pictures. So far the total is $0 for the pennant birthday banner!!

Color Red Theme Party For A Teen

We have decided on a theme for my son's 16th birthday party. Which he refuses to call it a birthday party. How can I let this birthday go by without at least a picnic! So its the un-birthday party! ....... teens!

We have decided to go with the colors red, black and white. His favorite color of all time is red. Always has been. I'll spare you the mommy stories! lol

I have already been picking out decorations and foods. I can't wait to share the planning of this party! Its such a personal one for me!